The Nightwatcher: Episode One

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In the second act, Woodard talks about her own special aunties, and reveals some of her mixed feelings about never having children.

Crime + Investigation

And an elegant set of louvers and projections designed by Tom Lynch and Peter Bjordahl, respectively, gracefully suggest various locales. Production : A Seattle Repertory Theater presentation of a solo show in two acts written and performed by Charlayne Woodard. Directed by Daniel Sullivan. Opened, reviewed Oct. He does this all with the aid of a [ The heart breaks for the aged married couple who refuse to be separated, even after one of them dies.

Tom Hiddleston believes everyone should play Hamlet — even you. The top Broadway talents [ Variety has announced the lineup for its second annual Business of Broadway breakfast presented by City National Bank. Joining the breakfast on Oct. Sue Wagner and John Johnson, seven-time Tony award-winning producers, announced Wednesday that they have embarked on a new theatrical business venture, Wagner Johnson Productions. Under the name, they will produce and general manage a wide scope of theater productions. You will be redirected back to your article in seconds. Theater under Daniel Sullivan's direction -- has pretty much everything you'd expect from a Charlayne Woodard solo show: frank, confessional material; laughter and tears doled out with near-perfect pacing; and a powerful, charismatic performance.

By Lynn Jacobson. Kim Sung-oh sure has fun with his roles. I have to admit, the first action sequence with the smoke monsters were pretty cool. I am not attached to any characters yet, but I am looking forward to the bro dynamics. Speaking of which, where did the elder brother disappear to after the first attack?

And the blonde haired villain looks like he stepped out of an elaborate idol boy band MV. I half expected him to start rapping halfway through the sacrificing ritual. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. I have tears!! I'm so pretty and look on the bright side of life are the best but this is just sooooo good!

Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for that laugh! I actually had some Clash of the Titans original and Jason and the Argonauts flashbacks. All the characters and the plot lines are firmly in place. I will definitely watch episode 2 in the hope that it stays as well paced.

Shot in the Dark

Even if it is so cheesy I need a bowl of crackers. I thought the first episode was okay. I like the choice of monsters but the head villian just wasn't impressive. Its good to see a fighting king of Joseon rather than a sickly wimp that lets the factions walk all over him. And the little girl playing the shaman's sister was the sick daughter on "Two Weeks".

I found both cameos very distracting. But I do. I really, really do. I would probably even like this MORE if it got cheesier and fantasticker. I wouldn't have guessed from your moniker. I enjoyed it also, even some of the cheesy effects. I just roll with them. I thought the rock was the worst, but the horse and specters were great.

If you like really cheesy with mockery watch the series Mystery Science Theater Now I know why I mutter at my dramas. That and I muttered "Gu Jun Pyo, you idiot! I am also totally guilty of talking at the TV screen. Sometimes all those feels just have to be expressed! Admittedly, I wish the CGI were better. But I can get over that if everything else is good, and so far I'm pretty happy.

Magic and dragons and fighting and crazy ghosts! I'm on board with ALL of that! I normally hate the beginnings of dramas where they're all about the child versions of the main characters even though it may be necessary, but it was intriguing. I hope it improves, in all aspects, although it may be hard to improve the CGs. Night Watchman is the drama I was looking forward to the most, so I'm both excited and apprehensive this may turn out to be a disaster.

If we've already established that talismans are effective at killing ghosts, then why doesn't Sang Hyun just always use talismans instead of submitting his men to fight a losing battle against the ghosts? That little girl freaked me out because I assumed she was a ghost, and every time she turned around, I was scared she would turn into Toshio from Ju-on: The Grudge. For some reason, the love line between the king and the shaman weirds me out because I see it as him cheating on the queen, even though kings normally keep concubines.

So annoying that women have to fall in love with their rescuers all the time. But am wondering if she is the mother of our future hero or if the bitter half-brother who picked up Gab is gonna be our hero. If she has to exist for the hero to be born But from the preview, it looked as if she might be deceiving the king, no?

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But you're right. It doesn't make sense--if I can point a finger gun at anyone, say, "bang" and they're incapacitated, why let all my guys DIE before I use it? I thought - you're the king, can't you send your hundred best guys to get the flower? Stay home with your sick son! I liked it interesting story though the set up reminds me a bit of this European movie I saw, I don't remember which country it was but definitely European, called NightWatch, I think my memory is hazy.

But I believe it was about a group of people with special powers protecting normal people from the creatures of the night. It was a bit cheesy but that actually works in favor of the casting of U-Know as horrid acting is a big factor of cheese. Russian, based on a book from a series of 5 books. A good movie, I don't like horrors or anything that resembles them too much, but I really liked this one. I thought the black smoke ghosts were very Dementor-like, that was my second thought.

My first thought was what the hell is wrong with those meteorites?

Some of those are big enough to be creating significant craters! Bad science, writers, bad science! According to wikipedia, meteorites can be very large too. So, maybe the writers do know something about meteorites. Thanks GF for this recap. Hopefully this drama will continue to be intriguing and entertaining. Not meteors, I think, but the magical equivalent of volcanic "bombs" thrown out by an explosive eruption Some of them are rock, some of them are volcanic ash barely holding themselves together as they fall.

Both will kill you, but they aren't moving at meteoric speed and you can even dodge the, if you aren't busy panicking at the sight of an erupting volcano. Which is what I would be doing.

Review Of Thriller “Nightwatcher” By Wendy Corsi Staub

Gu Family Book also off with compelling start and good backstory and we all know how it ended. So I'm not sure if this drama will any good since I think the supernatural elements are a bit ridiculous. Good first episode.

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And the little girl who led the way into the mountain is the daughter from Two Weeks. She is so cute. Hmm, I'm not sure how I felt about Night Watchman based on the first episode. Might watch the next episode to get a glimpse of Jung Il Woo and other main casts.